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Mel Dreamed by Melissa Women’s Mango III Ballet Flats

Got myself a new pair of cute ballerina flats, in eye-catching neon pink, no less! And, with glitters, to boot.

Mel Dreamed by Melissa Women's Mango III Ballet Flat Pink Glitter

While I like wearing high heels, nothing, however, beats the comfort and ease that a pair of flat shoes can bring. I like high heels because they add height (which is really important for my stature-challenged self), elongate the legs, and look absolutely sexy. The problem is that I don’t find them comfortable enough for long hours of walking. For short periods of wear, they’re okay, but they’re not exactly something you’d wear when you expect to do a lot of walking. So I gravitate towards ballerina flats, flat sandals, or sneakers whenever I expect to be on my feet for long hours.

MAC Fix: MAC Studio Fix Powder, Fluid Foundation, Finish Concealer

I just love MAC makeup! In my many years of wearing makeup, I would say that the MAC brand is the one that agrees the most with my skin. Their products provide good coverage, are long wearing, and do not cause my skin to break out.

Basically, these are my daily go-to MAC products: MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF35 РNW25, MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in NC30, and MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF35 NW25 MAC Pro Longwear Foundation MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation NW25