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Dokibook by Love Doki Winter Snap Planner

So I finally caved in and got myself a “legit” planner. Legit because it’s this leather-y type that comes in a box and is complete with dashboards and different inserts like dividers, monthly spreads, weekly pages, list ones, etc. Not the simple notebooks with the uninspiring dates (sorry) printed on them that I’ve been rocking all these years. Oh no. It’s actually thick, a bit heavy, and looks really serious, haha. It even has a charm (a snowflake with a gem) of its own.

Dokibook by Love Doki Winter Snap Planner

It’s called the Winter Snap planner from Dokibooks by Love Doki. I was looking for something that had the right balance between price and looks. Although I’ve always been a planner girl since college days, I wanted to play safe and not splurge on something that I might lose interest in a few months (I could end up going back to the notebooks with the uninspiring dates, you know), so nice-looking and easy-on-the-pocket were my two main criteria. And you guess it, this adorable number from Love Doki just fits the bill.

It’s a real darling, really. The teal shade is soothing and the snowflakes printed on the outside are cute!

Dokibook by Love Doki Winter Snap Planner

It comes with the monthly and weekly spreads, several pages for the ever-present lists, pages for money trackers, a sticker sheet that contains the months of the year, among others, a clear top-loading insert, colored and foiled dividers, a sheet of tab stickers, and, as mentioned, a snowflake charm, which you can convert to a keychain if you’re inclined to.

I got the A6 size, which is just perfect for my requirement. It’s not too small like the personal-sized ones or too big like those in A5. It’s small enough to fit in my purse so I can bring it anytime I want, and large enough that I wouldn’t have difficulty writing stuff on them or worrying that I don’t get to write all the stuff that I want to because there isn’t enough space. Also, since the pages/inserts are pretty basic with no unnecessary or decorative prints on them, I have greater freedom in decorating them the way I want to.

Dokibook by Love Doki Winter Snap Planner

I love this planner because even though I haven’t had a fancy planner such as this in ages (last time was when I was in my first year of law school), I’ve always been a planner girl. I think I stopped getting pretty planners because back then you couldn’t dress them up or decorate them with pretty accessories like washi tapes, stickers, etc. But planning has gone a long way since then and its now a whole lot more fun!

The Best Books I Read in 2015

Best Books 2015Best Books 2015

I didn’t do much reading in 2015. I mean not my usual reading volume, since I’ve been occupied with other things. That really frustrated me so much, though, since there are just tons of books in my Reading List that I’m excited to start on last year. But such is life… So I’m just going to make up for it this year by really trying to find more time to read. Those books are of course going to be added this year to my already burgeoning 2016 list. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be crossing off all of them this year.

Coloring My Way to Happiness with Coloring Books!

I found myself a new hobby (to add to my ever-growing list of things to get done, that is, haha) these days: coloring books! Which can be both a noun and a verb, come to think of it.

Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book

I saw a lot of people over Facebook getting into adult coloring books and at first, I didn’t give the endeavour any mind, but after seeing finishing products of their work (quite pretty) and hearing how therapeutic and stress-relieving it is (wouldn’t that be nice?), I thought why not give coloring books a try.

Regina Brett, Maria Semple, Robin Sloan and Jonas Jonasson in My Growing To Be Read File


Anyone who truly knows me would tell you what a bookworm I am. I love books and I have done so since I was about 8 or 9 years old when a classmate (bless her!) lent me her big tome (in girly pink, no less) of fairy tale stories. Since then a book has been a dear friend—an adventure that would take me to places, a warm feeling when I’m down, an escape when my life isn’t exactly running smoothly, a loving welcome that never fails to put a smile on my face.

Regina Brett, Maria Semple, Robin Sloan, Jonas Jonasson

I graduated from the wonderful world of fairy tales to the sleuthing stories of Nancy Drew, then moved on to the young love themes found in Sweet Dreams, dabbled a bit with Mills and Boon, discovered Sidney Sheldon and other writers of the same genre, grown to love romance novels (which I still do), and learned to embrace self-help books when I got older and eventually (and inevitably) discovered that life becomes complicated as we go along. That old adage that says books are man’s best friend rings so true in my case.