London in Spring: A Photo Diary

London in Spring: A Photo Diary

We spent the early days of spring in England, and our first stop in that trip was of course London (because we landed in Heathrow). We weren’t actually sure if going to England in spring was a good decision because we didn’t know if the weather was still too cold at that time. But since we didn’t want to go in the summer either when it’s already extremely hot (at least that’s what we thought), we decided to be there in spring instead. Because “better hot than cold” is always our motto. Anyway England’s weather is known to get unpredictable, so it could really blow either way, and I guess we just had to contend with that.

So we found ourselves in London in early April. The weather was cold, yes, but it was the tolerable kind and there were even sunny days during our week-long stay there (one Sunday was a good kind of hot, in fact). The best part, though, about going in spring are the flowers. Although it wasn’t at the height of their blooms yet, plenty were already in full swing, and they were captivating!

Here are some images of London in the spring. Oh how I’d love to see these sights in actual again!

This was in Notting Hill on a perfectly sunny day. The cherry blossoms were such a sight to behold!

Notting Hill, London, England Springtime

This one is on a street near the British Museum after we visited the place.

So are these. We were trying to find a bookshop in the same area as where the museum is located and we passed these while doing so.

London, England Springtime

London, England Springtime

London, England Springtime

This one was outside the Palace of Westminster. This was really a glorious day. There were lots of people having a picnic in the area.

House of Parliament, London, England

This one is on the grounds of St. Paul’s Cathedral. It was lunch time and a lot of people (mostly, office workers, I assume) were taking their lunches on the benches or sitting on the lawn. We followed suit, haha.

St. Paul's Cathedral in London, England

There you go: London in the springtime! I hope you enjoyed catching a glimpse of these photos.

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London, England Springtime


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