Yang Chow Fried Rice

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Today I tried my hand on Yang Chow Fried Rice. I’m a fan of this dish (anything Chinese, actually), and a couple weeks back, I was talking with my sister (who, by the way, lives many, many oceans away), and she was telling me about what she prepared for dinner, Yang Chow being it, of course, and I thought: “Why not make my own?” So, fast forward to today, and we have this.

Yang Chow Fried Rice

My very own Yang Chow Fried Rice—made with hard work and perseverance.

I actually just googled the recipe, bought the ingredients, fumbled my way around, and tried my very best not to bungle up the whole thing. I had precious help (thank God for that!) from my hubby (who did the mixing because my frail arms do not have the muscles for the task), and my son (who’s becoming a real pro on the chopping board), so everything went okay. The result was okay, too.

On hindsight, I shouldn’t have used Chorizo de Bilbao (too sweet for my taste)—a spicy, semi-cured sausage popular in Spain—and should have instead stuck to the barbequed pork called for in the recipe that I found at Panlasang Pinoy. Also, I should have used more eggs and green peas. I had no problem about turning our brown rice into having this yellow shade, since our rice is always yellow anyway due to the fact that we add Turmeric every time. I just wish it wasn’t so sticky, which I can see is very noticeable in the photos. But then again, we always have sticky rice, too, because that’s more preferable than the dry and separated kind.

Apart from those little complaints, my Yang Chow Fried Rice actually turned out, as I’ve said, okay. Not bad for something I did for the first time.

For the recipe, please visit the site I mentioned above.

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