A Cheese Find

A Cheese Find

These cute little cheese triangles are one of my best finds lately.

Buko by Arla Cheese

They’re called Buko from the dairy company Arla, and they come in a round box with 8 triangular cheeses in it. There are 4 different cheese flavours inside, with two cheeses sharing the same flavour. You get 2 champignons or the mushroom flavoured ones, 2 with shrimp flavours, 2 having vegetables in them, and the rest with danish ham. I like all the flavours, although I tend to gravitate towards the danish ham-flavoured ones since I like its salty (like the smoked variety) taste. The quality of the cheese is like Brie, smooth, soft, and really tasty. I usually have these for snacks in the afternoon, and sometimes as midnight snack. Paired with my favorite chocolate milk, then I’ve got the perfect hunger fix!

The price isn’t bad, too. They’re a bit cheaper than other cheese triangles offered by Arla.

Have you tried them?

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