My New, Lovely Lap Desk and Why You Also Need One!

My New, Lovely Lap Desk and Why You Also Need One!

I can’t quite gush enough about my new lap desk. My new, LOVELY lap desk, to be precise!



I never really realized how much I need a lap desk until I saw this charming little laptop accessory while in the mall one Sunday afternoon and my hubby convinced me that I do need one. I was browsing the home decor section, looking for a nice table tray and then while busily scouring every nook and cranny of the area, I sort of bumped into this rectangular thingy that’s covered in polka dots. I thought it was a table tray since it certainly looked like one, but upon closer inspection I saw that it came with a pillow base filled with beads (polystyrene beads, I later learned) which made it a bit unsteady for holding china and glasses without someone supporting it, so I then reconsidered my earlier assumption of it as being a tray. More close look revealed—via its tag—that it is indeed not a tray, but a lap desk. And the pillow base is a lap pad.

Laptop Accessories and Macbook

I loved the good craftsmanship, the chic top design of polka dots, how perfect the size is, the fact that it has just the right weight, and most importantly (haha) how pretty it looks. So I decided to get myself one. I asked the girl from the store if they had a new stock since the one I was holding and admiring then was somewhat dusty from, I assume, many months of display, but I was told that, unfortunately, there was none. The only ones left are in a floral design and geometric prints. I was sad to hear that and prepared myself to just settle with the dusty polka dot, but I later changed my mind and got the floral one instead, hence the pictures you now see. Which is really just as well because I now like this one much better than the polka dot; in fact I just LOVE it!

Laptop Accessories and Tray

Why You Need a Lap Desk

Getting myself a lap desk made me realize how totally necessary it is to have one in todays digital age when laptops, netbooks and tablets are all the rage.

  1. A lap desk has many uses. You can use it for your laptop, of course; as a laptop accessory. Or for your iPads or electronic tablets. You can write or read on it, use it for studying. You can do crafts on it. You can also use it as a table tray (just make sure to support it properly). The possibilities are endless.
  2. It is handy. You can carry it anywhere. Most lap desks, mine for instance, are lightweight so you can use it wherever you like. It’s like a desk on the go.
  3. It saves you back pain. You can work with your back firmly planted against your chair because the lap desk just go on top of your… lap. This position is more relaxed.
  4. Versatile. Some lap desks like the ones you can get here come with bells and whistles like a lamp or pencil trays or wrist pads for comfort or elastic bands to secure papers, which make working on it a whole lot easier. And fancier, if you like.
  5. It’s working with style. Many lap desks are stylish so they’re great additions to making your working environment look nice.

Another thing I like about my lap desk is that it’s easy to clean. A few wipes with a soft damp cloth make it sparkly again.

I know I’ll be using my lap desk many times down the road. It’s certainly one of my best buys!

Do you own a lap desk, too? What’s yours like?

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